Why PBSA? 

In a Real Night Club Setting..

In Just Minuets...

We Will Teach You how to free pour accurately without even looking!

You'll Pour Real Drafts & Make Some Real Drinks Too!

Since 1978

Florida Bartending Course LLC of Orlando!

The Only Orlando Bartending School Tallahassee where  you Learn Bartending in a Real Pouring Establishment & Get Bartender Certified! 

NO  Need for More Expensive  Bartender Certification Program! 

AND  Yes you can take the course again at no charge!  The goal here is to get you your first bartending Job. Here You Can Bartend for real! 



   PBSA ( Professional Bartending Schools of America) has been the leader in bartender traing programs with schools all over the country.

  The group of National Licensed Bartending Schools has grown & been established here in Orlando since 1985. PBSA Orlando Bartending Schools, school,  have trained and placed thosands of bartenders in Florida from Tampa Florida to Sarasota, from

St Pete to the East Coast of Daytona.

  The goal here is to get you your first bartending job & to get Bartending Certification along with bartending school system job support.

   There has been an PBSA Orlando Bartending School here in Florida since 1985, teaching PBSA Programs & placing bartenders in good bartending jobs.

This Orlando Bartending School Course hits hard on all the important points of what it takes to be a really good bartender:

Good Customer Service, Bar Etiquette, Proper technique along with the knowledge & understanding of the Bar Operations & License.

You'll learn all the important things that you need to know in order to get a job as a bartender:

How to Muddle, Shake, Stir & Blend cocktails with style & finesse! Learn Traditional Martinis!

Our Bartending Course Partners with Orlando Events to Provide Bartending Jobs!